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My very first experience of horse betting was betting on favourites with a progressive stake. I realised how powerful it was when my account doubled in size within 5 days!

I started with a betting bank of $5,000 and within 5 days I had doubled it. It was simply amazing. I went on to double that again in 9 days after that. Within 2 weeks my Betfair balance stood at $21,000, which translates to an astonishing 320% ROI!

All I did was bet on the favourite to win in every Australian and UK horse race. I used my progressive staking calculator to calculate my stakes for me to ensure that I make a profit on every single race that I bet on.

Pro’s of progressive betting  on Favourites

· You make a profit on every race that you bet on.

· You can bet on every race anywhere in the world

· You don’t need to know a thing about horse racing or analyzing forms.

· You can double you betting account in a few days with limited risk.

· There are a few races running every hour, 24 hrs a day.

· You can bet from anywhere in the world if you can get access to a computer and an internet connection.

· Horse selection is very easy, simply pick lowest odds.

· You can carry forward a losing cycle to the next day.

Con’s of progressive betting on Favourites

· You need a lot of patience, as you can’t win every single race.

· Can be stressful when going through a losing streak.

· You will be chasing losses, if your stakes get too large you need to cut loss or risk losing your whole betting bank.

· Need to sit in front of the computer to see if you won the last race. Time consuming.

I would recommend betting on the favourite with progressive stakes to anyone with sufficient time to monitor their bets. You need to be patient and disciplined. During a losing streak, you must know when to breakdown/divide you profit targets into smaller targets for another cycle.

Here is an example;

You have lost a total of $500 in the last 6 races, you then need to stop. You'll then need to take the $500 loss and divide it into smaller targets to try to win back in the next 5 cycles. So you need to target $100 per cycle for the next 5 cycles. By doing this you are minimizing the risk of losing your entire betting bank.

Here is a screen capture of my betting statement on a typical day betting on favourites with progressive stakes. As you can see I made $366 in less than 2 hours.

Progressive Staking System

It can be highly profitable if done correctly…i.e follow the rules!

There is a famous saying that goes 'nothing is certain in life, except death and taxes'.

I can say for certain that you will definately end up losing your entire betting bank very quickly if you do not follow a proper racing system which includes a staking plan.

There are hundreds of race tracks around the world and a race running almost every 10th minute but how do we make money from each and every race that we would like to bet on?

Here is an interesting statistic that can help you make some substantial profits. Favourites win 33% of the races.

The key to completing and profiting from a cycle is in the selection of the horses/races.

How To Select Your Races?

Betting on every favourite in every race is very dangerous. To ensure that you are actually selecting a real favourite to bet on, you need to ensure that the odds of the favourite is at least 1 lower than the next best horse.

It is also adviseable that you do not bet on an odds on horse. This means that you should not bet on a horse with odds lower than 2. Betting on horses with such low odds will quickly deplete your betting bank.

I have made thousands with this system before but I have also lost thousands. It is a very dangerous method of making money if you are not disciplined. Stick to the rules and you will not run into trouble.

Here is an example of how it works, by backing the favourite as follows.

Race 1. Stake $4 at odds 3.00 , to win $8 LOST

Race 2. Stake $6 at odds 3.00 , to win $20 ( $8 x 2 + $4 ) LOST

Race 3. Stake $12.67 at odds 4.00 , to win $38 ($8 x 3 + $8 ) WIN

The progressive stake will continue till you win a race. This means that you have ended the cycle. Even though past results have proven that roughly 33% of favourites go on to win races, that does not mean that they will actually line up nicely with the favourite winning every 4th race.

This system requires you to bet on each race just before the start of the race. You can use Progressive Staking successfully while betting at any bookmaker anywhere in the world or at any race course in the world too :-)

Having warned you in advance, here are some guidelines to using this system.

1. Target to win 2% of your betting bank per race ( do not be greedy, there are hundreds of races every week )

2. Get my progressive staking calculator to calculate your stakes for you.

3. If you lose 5 races in a row, please cut your losses and divide the losses to smaller targets to be won back in    
    later cycles.

The Progressive Staking System can be used with almost any kind of gambling. You can use it with greyhound racing, soccer betting, tennis betting and even virtual horse racing.

Progressive Staking Calculator

My progressive staking calculator will automatically calculate your stakes for you.

You can configure it to suit your risk appetite.

Here are some of the functions.

  • set a targeted profit margin per race as a percentage of your betting bank
  • set a targeted profit margin in dollar value
  • you can also set a variable profit target for the following races, ie Race 1 = $10, next race = $5
  • you can save a cycle in case you lose the last race

Here is a peek at my betting statement, I used the Progressive Staking System to make me some handsome profits.

Betting Statement

As you can see, I made a cool $266.83 in roughly an hour.

You can make a similar return on investment using a very small betting bank. With the power of compounding your bank balance will grow very fast.

Get my Progressive Staking Calculator and never lose another race. You can carry forward all you loses and win it at the next race.

Progressive Staking Calculator
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